Sunday, January 24, 2010

Introducing Lexus

Lexus, a black female German Shepherd, rescued from the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes.

I happened upon a story a few days ago, through the use of facebook, of a German Shepherd in special circumstances. She had been deemed "unadoptable", and was thus not being offered to the general public. Because I know the fate of some other GSD's that have found themselves in this situation, I contacted a staff member of this shelter right away to see if I could help. Her description sounded to me like a drivey dog, whose typical GSD traits were getting her in trouble in a shelter situation. Unfortunately for this breed (and some others), they often don't present themselves well in a shelter environment, and sometimes their behaviours appear to be something other than what they are. Sometimes it takes someone who has in depth knowledge of the breed, and years of experience working with these dogs to get involved and help out a dog who needs help. There are very few behaviour problems I have not had to personally deal with, and my deep love and admiration for these dogs has given me an ability to read them very well.

Lexus had been surrendered to the shelter by her original family. She was then adopted out to another family, but returned shortly after. Due to a number of issues, she was no longer being offered up for adoption to the general public. I made the decision to rescue her, certain that she was just not in the right environment.

The staff and volunteers at this shelter are amazing people. They loved this little girl, and did not want to see her destroyed, as they could see her potential. When I showed up to get her, one of the ladies working there told me that I was the "angel" they have been waiting for... The truth is however, that they are really the "angels". If not for them and their belief in this dog, I never would have known about her in the first place. I commend them for their big hearts and their desire to help Lexus find an appropriate home.

Lexus is now in my home, and is potentially up for adoption to the right home. She is 16 months old, spayed, and up to date on her vaccines. She is so far a very sweet girl, who has been very calm in my home. She has shown no signs of any aggression towards my males, and prefers to just observe the other dogs at a distance. She is very quiet, clean, and content in her crate. She loves to play fetch. I'm hoping once she gets to know me a little better, she will bond nicely. She is a smaller female, and very athletic in build. She is very fast when pursuing her ball. I'm hoping she will enjoy the sport of agility, and I will be introducing her to some agility training as soon as she is settled and comfortable here.
Lexus digging in the snow for a tiny stick she found.

Lexus and the Hol-ee Roller... a very popular and durable dog toy...

She loves to fetch!

The Hol-ee Roller...

Very pretty little girl.

Lexus... :-)