Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sehr Gut - Olympic's Zorro, TEC, BH, AD

I was finally able to get myself organized and get Eros entered into a conformation show to get his first show rating. This rating is necessary if you are to move on to complete a breed survey. Eros will be completing a breed survey once he is titled. I entered Eros into the Ontario Regional schutzhund championships conformation show, hosted by the Niagara Hundesport Training Club. I have never had a dog in a dog show before, and after discussing it with some show friends, I decided to have him professionally handled in the show. My good friend Denis Rzan agreed to handle him for me. He finished with an SG-6 rating, as there were only 6 dogs in his group, and all of the others were show dogs. There is no way a working dog would ever be placed ahead of a show dog... I was expecting this, so no big surprise there. An SG (Sehr Gut = Very Good) rating is the highest rating any dog can receive that does not have a working title. I was hoping for an SG, and that is what he was given. Phew!

Below is Denis with Eros in the show ring getting him to stack...

Here Denis is showing Eros' teeth

Another look at the teeth

We did not get any pictures of Eros running around the show ring, as both me and my husband had to run around the outside of the ring and call Eros when directed by Denis to encourage him to trot quicker... This is sometimes referred to as "double handling", and is allowed in the German shows. It can become a crazy atmosphere, with owners running around the ring calling their dogs' names, squeaking toys, whirling toys around while they run, blowing whistles,... the list goes on!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arlo - TD, Tracking Dog

All of the dogs passed their TD test today, Ben & Joanne, Lianne & Brody, Myself & Arlo, Judge Sharon Smith, and Sandra with Murphy.

Myself & Arlo with Judge Sharon Smith, and Arlo's plaque, ribbon, and glove.

Me accepting our award, the plaque, ribbon, and a copy of our Tracking score sheet, with Judge Sharon Smith.

Today Arlo passed his CKC tracking test, the TD. The test requires the dog to navigate a track that is at least 45 minutes old, approximately 400 meters in length, with 4 to 5 corners, and one article at the end. Arlo has been training in tracking for 4 years, and I was very happy to have this opportunity to participate in this test. The test was held in memory of Terry Smith, a CKC tracking judge who was supposed to be the judge at this event. Terry passed away in May of this year of pancreatic cancer. His battle was long and hard, and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. I will always remeber Terry as being happy, having a great sense of humour, and being very helpful at our training sessions and at trials. He was always willing to answer questions or explain things to those of us who were new to the sport. Tracking was his passion, and I am happy to be able to honour his memory today by by participating in this tracking test and making him proud by helping Arlo be successful.

This one's for you Terry. We know that you are at peace now, yet we cannot help but wish that you were still with us.